Let yourself be enamoured by a new world of rare fragrances.

Ethically sourced from South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Indonesia.

We live in a world overtaken by chemically derived, synthetic fragrances that are mass-produced in large corporate labs and sourced by exploiting businesses in emerging nations.

Nadra Safiri was born out of the desire to change this narrative.

We go against the grain by empowering highly valuable artisans with transparent supply chains, fair wages, and equal partnerships. 

Through this collection, we bring you a range of intoxicating, luxury scents and fragrances that transcend time and space - all the while honouring the art of fine-fragrance making.

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It’s time to slow down and smell the roses.

Available for a limited time only.


(Rose Flower)

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Going beyond luxury

Uncover a rare experience with fragrances that tell the rich tales of emerging economies and their talented craftspeople.

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