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Make your home scent come alive with
a douse of African Sandalwood.




Discover a long-lasting home fragrance
derived from Ancient Egypt and infused with Neroli.



Discover the Season’s Scent

Delight your senses with blooming rose and zesty citrus

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Ethically sourced from emerging economies

For too long, legacy fragrance houses have dominated the global market, borrowing from emerging economies and claiming full credit — without recognising the people behind the craft. Our story empowers underrepresented artisans, bringing honour and ethics back into the art of fine fragrance.

Our Impact-led Supply Chain

Take a peek behind the curtains of how our slowly produced, rare fragrances came to be.

Our journey begins with local African farmers who grow and harvest unique notes through natural ingredients.

We work with African distillers, using steam distillation to extract essential oil from fragrant flowers and woods.

The organic essential oils are bottled and shipped to our facility in Cape Town, South Africa for processing and quality control.

Here’s where the magic happens: Once our Chief Perfumer gets her hands on the rare oils, the development and blending begins. 

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It’s time to test and experiment with all the different mixes, collaborating with top-notch perfumers to determine the final blends.

After several rounds of meticulous testing, the most revered fragrances are sent to the UK for customer surveys.

The feedback is then passed on to our Chief Perfumer and the team for further refinements.

Next, the final, final blends get approved for batch production. We made it to our first product lineup!

These carefully hand-poured fragrances are first sent to our exclusive list of Safiri Register members for priority service.

Finally, the remaining Signature and Seasonal scents are placed on our website for wider distribution, gracing homes across the UK.


Going beyond luxury

Uncover a rare experience with fragrances that tell the rich tales of emerging economies and their talented craftspeople.

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