Our journey begins in the ancient soils of Africa—the source of countless cultures, thriving indigenous societies and the untouched natural world.

Nadra Safiri is creating a future where the world of luxury meets ethical business practices. From the hands that harvest our ingredients, to the hands that bottle our products, each step of our production process benefits everyone in our supply chain.

True Impact & Total Transparency

We exist to revolutionise the cosmetic industry’s supply chain and disrupt generational cycles of subsistence living across Africa and the global south. We do this by working exclusively with local farmers, distillers, companies, and indigenous apothecaries to create a web of impact and economic prosperity.

Uplifting the Sacred Craft

We are a Partner of Purpose to small family businesses and sole traders that face exploitation on a daily basis. Instead of borrowing from these emerging economies and claiming ownership, we provide small businesses and their communities the opportunity to equally compete and succeed in the global market. With ethical and transparent sourcing at our journey’s origin and an extraordinary experience as our destination, we aim for a symbiotic relationship at every step.

Premium Authentic Products

As an artisan wellness house, our production process is delicate and involves a thorough understanding of plants, resins, and essential oils that affect our wellbeing. Every drop is natural and organic, harvested by generational farmers in the remotest locations in Africa.

Each ingredient has a legend and a purpose.


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