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Zoom ROOSBLOM | Scented Candle
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ROOSBLOM | Scented Candle



At last, we find ourselves at peace and contentment deep in the rose garden.


Organic Rose Geranium, Citrusy, and Sweet.


What’s included: Clean burning, long-lasting, 210g glass of aromatic candle & candle trimmer.

How to Use Guide

Roosblom scented candle is 100% organic, vegan and cruelty-free. The perfect combination of soy wax and a unique blend of organic essential oils.


Gently unbox your new aromatic candle.

Light the wick.

Use the wick trimmer to easily trim your wick before each use. Simply position the wick trimmer close to the surface of the candle and cut the wick to about ⅛” to ¼”. 

Discard the wick remnants and wipe clean after each use.

For every candle purchase, we provide a free candle wick.

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ROOSBLOM | Scented Candle


A sustainably sourced aromatic candle. Handcrafted by South African artisans.

Don’t miss your opportunity to savour the Roosblom home fragrance candles, available for a limited time only. Clean-burning and lovingly curated for this Season’s Scent, the Roosblom candle is an exotic addition to any home.

A sweet but surprising blend of rose geranium and citrus, it's designed to be adorned in the most intimate of spaces.

Rooted in the Western Cape, this endearing home scent invites you to slow down and smell the roses.

Notes and Origins:

Organic Rose Geranium, Citrusy, and Sweet

South Africa

Ethically sourced from Africa

Each ingredient is meticulously extracted and distilled by local farmers, often equipped with generational experience residing in the aforementioned emerging nations. Your purchase of Roosblom directly impacts and fuels the livelihoods of African family-owned businesses and tradespeople.

Our Impact-led Supply Chain

Take a peek behind the curtains of how Roosblom came to be.

Our journey begins with local South African farmers who grow and cultivate the most immaculate rose geraniums, handpicked in the Western Cape.

We work with African distillers, using steam distillation to extract essential oil from the rose petals.

Fun fact: it takes on average 250,000 rose petals to produce 5ml of rose oil!

Next, our South African artisans mix and pour the wax blend by hand.

The candles are shipped to our facility in Cape Town, South Africa for processing and quality control.

Our team reviews the final batches and gets them approved for production.

Finally, the candles become available for your enjoyment through our website, gracing homes across the UK.

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